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Full Service Rental Property Management

Provision Property Management covers every aspect of a rental property in Severna Park. From tenant requests and maintenance to rent collection and leasing, we make every effort to ease the life of property owners.

Severna Park Rental Property Overview

the number of rentals for the Severna Park area has increased sharply over the past few years. In fact, there are nearly double the rental properties since March of 2019. It is easy to see that at this pace, the rental market in Severna Park will provide a tremendous opportunity for homeowners ready to go to market. 

Renting vs Selling Home in Severna Park, MD

With the rising number of rental units in Severna Park, the prospect of renting instead of selling a home is now more appealing than ever.  As the number of rentals increased, the number of home sales decreased by over 40%. In addition, the median sale price of a home in Severna Park has dropped by nearly $50,000 since December of 2018. These factors combine to paint the picture: homeowners should strongly consider renting their property.

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Why Property Management?

While the selling price of homes in Severna Park have been decreasing, the number of rental units has been increasing. Therefore, for anyone considering a sale of their home, it might make more sense to rent it out. 

A property management company can help with the work load and make the renting process much easier for a homeowner. At Provision Property Management, we specialize in converting homes into long term rentals that provide a terrific source of monthly recurring revenue. Not to mention, the homeowner never has to deal with tenants or call a plumber. Everything is managed from one source, making it a seamless transition.

24 Hour Maintenance

We have a maintenance crew standing by in the Severna Park area 24 hours a day. We provide the following repair and maintenance services for all of our tenants and property owners:

fixing electrical issues


Repairs to electrical systems must be done professionally to avoid risk to both the person and the home.

fixing a broken air conditioning system


No one likes a broken AC in the summer, or a bad heater in the winter. These issues must be resolved quickly.

fixing home plumbing


Plumbing repairs also must be addressed immediately to avoid further damage that could be otherwise avoided.

lawn care


Keeping the premises trimmed and up to HOA codes are important and easily overlooked by tenants.

general maintenance

General Repairs

Whatever the issue, we have most likely seen it a hundred times and have the right fix. If not, we will find someone who does so you don't have to.

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Our Service Area

Provision Property Management covers all of Anne Arundel county including the following locations:

Pasadena, MD

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Severna Park, MD

Property Management Severna Park

Glen Burnie, MD

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Arnold, MD

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Crownsville, MD

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Gambrills, MD

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Fort Meade, MD

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Odenton, MD

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