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Full Service Rental Property Management

If you own a rental property in the Severn area, Provision Property Management has you covered. Our number one focus is to take the burden off of property owners, while at the same time keeping tenants fully satisfied with their home.

Rental Property Overview in Severn

The number of rental properties in Severn, MD has steadily risen over the past year. This is in accordance with the rising demand for rentals in Severn; which means there is a tremendous opportunity for property owners. 

Renting vs Selling Home in Severn, MD

As rental units have increased in volume, the number of home sales in Severn has dropped dramatically over the past year. Since September of 2018, we have seen as much as a 40% drop in home sales from 170 to just over 100 units. Also the sale price for homes in Severn has dropped from as high as $380,000 on average to just over $335,000. That is roughly $45,000 lost over the same period. We can see the trend – those who are looking to sell should really take a good look at renting their home before making the sale.

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Why Property Management?

In Severn, the sale price of homes has been steadily decreasing, while at the same time, the price and number of rentals has been increasing. Clearly, this is indicative of a thriving rental opportunity for homeowners. Property Management is all about relief of the burden of the rental process while still maintaining a strong return on one’s real estate investment. Whether the property is located in a location too far from the owner, or whether the owner simply does not wish to deal with the day to day operations of running a rental property – Provision Property Management is available to make this decision an easy one. A rental property can be a tremendous source of recurring monthly revenue, especially if you own the property outright or your mortgage is significantly lower than the potential rental price. More importantly, having a company that maintains the air conditioning or perform a home inspection can be extremely valuable to a tenant and a deciding factor when determining whether to renew a lease.

24 Hour Maintenance

There is a representative available for our tenants in the Severn area 24/7 for all home repairs including the following:

fixing home plumbing


We take plumbing matters very seriously as they can be incredibly costly if overlooked. Our maintenance staff is always prepared to handle leaking pipes, clogged drains and the like at a moments notice.

lawn care


Good landscaping will not only be pleasant to look at but can increase property value when done well.

general maintenance

General Repairs

We have a general handyman come around to fix minor repairs and prevent larger repairs from occuring in the future.

fixing a broken air conditioning system


HVAC repair costs can take a toll on even the smallest dwellings. That is why we have routine maintenance performed to keep systems operational during the hot and cold months.

fixing electrical issues


Some of the most dangerous repairs can be on electrical systems. Therefore, having a professional to call upon can be an invaluable asset.

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