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Simply put, the rental market in Dundalk is one of the best opportunities in Maryland. With inexpensive home values and exceedingly higher rent averages, a competent local property management company would be a wise choice.

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Dundalk Rental Property Overview

The rental market in Dundalk is soaring over the past few years. With affordable housing for families, and being extremely close to Baltimore City – Dundalk has seen an influx of renters looking to live near the city without paying the high rent prices. The charts below show how the number of home sales has been decreasing steadily, while the number of rental units has grown nearly 40%. With Baltimore growing in population, Dundalk is sure to see a steady rise in renters for many years to come.

Property Management Dundalk
chart showing number of rentals in dundalk

Selling vs. Renting a Home in Dundalk

Dundalk is in the unique position of still having very affordable home values, with ever increasing rent prices. To be able to buy a home for around $140,000 and rent it for $1400 means after 10 months you will have paid for the home potentially! Also, there could be a potential to lease using government vouchers, also known as Section 8, which is guaranteed rental income from the government every month. This is one reason why the rental market in Dundalk is such a vast opportunity right now.

chart showing median sale price of a home in dundalk
chart showing median rental price in dundalk

Why Property Management?

With such a huge opportunity for homeowners and investors in Dundalk, there is every reason to try and maximize your investment. With Provision Property Mangement, we understand all of the ins and outs of the local rental market, but also the laws for the various programs in Baltimore County.

If you have recently inherited a home in Dundalk, you probably have many questions about the potential to rent; collecting rent, performing repairs, finding tenants, changing tenants, the legal aspect, etc. That is exactly where we come in.

With a property management service handling all of the ins and outs of the rental process, it makes it that much easier for you to rest assured that your home is being cared for and that your investment is being maximized. And with Dundalk renters using government vouchers, we understand Baltimore County HOME Act passed in 2014.

rental placement and listings

Rental Listings

We place your property on all major platforms such as Zillow as well as our own website to attract highly qualified candidates.

Property Management Dundalk

Tenant Qualification

Finding qualified tenants can be a challenge. That is why we use our proven formula to guarantee your property is both well cared for and being paid on time.

managing leases and contracts

Leases & Contracts

We provide the contracts for all necessary items during a lease period. That way you remain protected in the event of any unfortunate circumstances.

collecting rent payments

Rent Collection

Collecting the rent on time and in an efficient manner is key to a healthy relationship. We make it easy for tenants to pay us automatically and directly so there is nothing in the way of getting the revenue

Property Management Dundalk

Building Maintenance

Building codes and structural integrity must be maintained to avoid disastrous outcomes. We perform regular inspections of the property grounds to make sure nothing is out of place.

legal appearances and proceedings

Legal Proceedings

In the event that a tenant needs to be evicted or has been negligent, we file the appropriate filings in court and make the appearances necessary for you to remain protected.

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24 Hour Maintenance Calls

Maintenance issues will inevitably arise in any rental home. Most homeowners simply call a local repairman and hope for the best. With our 24 hour maintenance staff, we have someone on call for any type of repair at any time of the day. That means your tenant is being cared for quickly and the home is not going to have any issues arise from not handling the repair in a timely fashion.

fixing home plumbing


Plumbing repairs need to be handled quickly to avoid water damage. We stop leaks, unclog drains, and all the rest.

fixing a broken air conditioning system


If you want an unhappy tenant, just fail to address a broken AC or heating system properly. We make sure your tenant lives in a moderate climate all year long.

fixing electrical issues


Dangerous electrical repairs can be very harmful to tenants and the home's infrastructure. We have seen many of the issues and know what and when to handle them.

lawn care


Dundalk yards are typically smaller in size, but the grass and bushes still need to be attended and we can find the right company for the job.

general maintenance

General Repairs

Sometimes there is an unknown issue and you do not know which type of repair person to call. You might wonder "is that the electrical or HVAC system" - well we will not have to worry about that and will have the right tools and experience to deal with it.

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We manage rental properties all around the Dundalk area. 


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