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Rental Property Management in Columbia Maryland

Get the most out of your property investment in Columbia, MD by having a locally based property manager on top of every detail during the rental process. No longer will finding tenants, doing repairs, and collecting payments be a burden.  

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Columbia Rental Market Overview

With the growth of Howard county and Columbia, in particular, there has never been a more peak time for rentals in the area. Below we can see that the number of rentals in Columbia has been climbing steadily over the past few years and likely to continue in this direction.

Columbia Home Prices vs Rental Amount

Median rental amounts are now even higher than the last time this chart was updated, with median rents in the mid $2000 range. Most Columbia homeowners have a mortgage payment far less than this, which means there is a potential for recurring income every month. Not to mention, when you rent you property you are able to hold the real estate to realize a larger overall net gain.

Why Property Management?

Clearly, the data and market trends in Columbia favor renting a home over selling in this current climate. The sale prices are dropping while rental prices are going up by quite a bit. Similarly, there are less people going to market as the demand for rentals has skyrocketed.

If you have a home getting ready to go to market in the Columbia area, you may not have considered renting previously. There are many questions; collecting rent, performing repairs, finding tenants, changing tenants, the legal aspect, etc. 

By hiring a property manager, the homeowner is able to take advantage of the increasing rental market while not having to invest massive amounts of time and effort. Provision Property management offers all of our clients the benefit of having every aspect of the rental process handled with care and expertise.

rental placement and listings

Rental Listings

We place your property on all major platforms such as Zillow as well as our own website to attract highly qualified candidates.

Property Management Columbia MD

Tenant Qualification

Finding qualified tenants can be a challenge. That is why we use our proven formula to guarantee your property is both well cared for and being paid on time.

managing leases and contracts

Leases & Contracts

We provide the contracts for all necessary items during a lease period. That way you remain protected in the event of any unfortunate circumstances.

collecting rent payments

Rent Collection

Collecting the rent on time and in an efficient manner is key to a healthy relationship. We make it easy for tenants to pay us automatically and directly so there is nothing in the way of getting the revenue

Property Management Columbia MD

Building Maintenance

Building codes and structural integrity must be maintained to avoid disastrous outcomes. We perform regular inspections of the property grounds to make sure nothing is out of place.

legal appearances and proceedings

Legal Proceedings

In the event that a tenant needs to be evicted or has been negligent, we file the appropriate filings in court and make the appearances necessary for you to remain protected.

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24 Hour Maintenance

We have service technicians standing by in Columbia to serve our property owners and their tenants 24 hours a day. There is never a good time for a maintenance issue to arise, so having a reliable source for home repairs is imperative. Some of the repairs we cover include:

fixing home plumbing


Our technicians are able to repair plumbing issues such as frozen pipes and leaks, drainage clogs, and toilets.

fixing a broken air conditioning system


No one wants to be in a home when the air conditioning goes out. That is why we respond to all HVAC repairs as soon as possible.

fixing electrical issues


Any issues related to electricity needs to be handled with care. We have certified electricians able to take care of these concerns in the safest and most efficient way possible.

lawn care


If a property needs lawn care and the tenant can't manage on their own, we will find a local crew to cut the grass on a regular schedule.

general maintenance

General Repairs

Our service technicians can handle just about any home repair out there. We make sure there is no time wasted from when a service call comes in and we communicate directly with the homeowner and tenant to resolve quickly and professionally.

Our Columbia Service Area

We manage rental properties all around the Columbia area. 


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