3 Airbnb Tricks Landlords Can Benefits From

When we go on a vacation, we expect a great living experience. For this reason, landlords and Airbnb hosts have a lot in common.

In order to keep your rental property in-demand, you should understand how to offer a great experience to potential renters. This helps to keep occupancy and monthly rates high, as well as keep rental spaces in-demand.

To keep your tenant turnover at a bare minimum, you need to start thinking like an Airbnb host. The landlords that manage to do so provide optimal customer service to renters. Keep scrolling on if you’re interested in learning more about some Airbnb tricks to use in your rental business.

  1. Effective Communication

The best Airbnb hosts out there have managed to streamline communication with potential renters. You’ll find that ‘Superhosts’ have a 90% response rate and this is exactly what you need to do to replicate their success. Here’s are a couple of ideas for you to ponder over:

  • You can employ an automated maintenance ticket system to streamline repair issues and quickly respond to tenant complaints.
  • Try to respond as quickly as possible to tenant requests for virtual or in-person showings.
  • Prove to potential tenants that you are indeed a responsive landlord by having former and current tenants review rental units on Google Maps, or perhaps, on your business website.

It is a known fact that over 80% of all Americans seek out customer testimonials and reviews before making a purchase. By coming across positive reviews, prospective tenants will feel a lot more confident about signing a contract with you.

  1. Great Welcome Packages

Welcome packages are a great way to entice renters on Airbnb. Typically, these welcome packages inform guests about the property, nearby restaurants, or anything else that could make visitors’ stays easier and relaxing. This can easily be used for long-term rentals as well.

If you are a landlord, your welcome package could include:

  • Details about local attractions, local events, local restaurants, public transportation, or anything else that could make their move seem more comfortable.
  • It would play to your benefit to also include basic rules and regulations for your rental unit.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to include small welcome gifts like gift cards, chocolates, flowers, or anything you think would be appreciated by potential renters.
  1. Additional Services

Lastly, it isn’t uncommon for landlords to upscale living experiences in their rental unit by offering premium caretaker/concierge services. Not only do these services make life a lot easier for renters but they also work as an opportunity for landlords to add a unique selling proposition for potential renters.

For instance, if your usual tenants already pay premiums to outsource tasks, you could add value to your rental property by offering those services as part of the rental unit. This could include a maid service, a subscription to Amazon Fresh for speedy grocery deliveries, or even a laundry service. All of these services help by cutting out chores from your tenants’ lives and grant them the best gift of all: time.

Final Word

Well, there you have it. It doesn’t really cost a lot to replicate these great Airbnb tricks and you can show your tenants that you really care about them.

By streamlining communication, providing handsome welcome packages, and convenient services as part of your rental package, you can reduce tenant turnover and charge premium monthly rentals. As an added benefit, thinking like a Superhost helps landlords find only the best prospective tenants.

If you’re having trouble implementing all of these little tricks in your rental properties, you can save a lot of time by just as easily delegating these tasks to experienced property managers.


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